Climbing Mt Warning

Timing. Start climbing Mt Warning early. Temperature in the early hours will be much more pleasant in the summer and during the winter be aware of the early dark. At the half way point you will see a sign saying ” Winter warning: For safety reasons do not proceed to the summit if the time is later than 1 o’clock. Darkness on the return journey has led to people becoming lost.”

What to bring? Good tough shoes that will get you through a little bit of rocks, dust or mud. It can get a bit cold so bring a jumper, especially in winter. If you like, take a backpack and keep your goodies (food, water, camera…etc) in there. Plenty of water is essential and a light meal or fruit will replenish your energy when you reach the top. Those sensitive to insect bites should spray or apply repellents before the climb and if you want to be extra cautious bring a mini torch, just in case.

What not to bring? Your mobile phone will not work at Mt Warning so unless you want to keep it as a watch or take pictures with it, might as well leave it in the car. Please don’t take anything that can turn into rubbish – and if you have to, make sure you keep all your rubbish in your bag or pocket.

Raining? Odds are, if you plan a weekend out it’s going to rain. Do not give up on the climb for a light rain – we’ve tried and the experience was even better. The clim is transformed by the rain and moisture into a lush tropical environment full of clean water streams and misty tree tops. Do not climb during the heavy rains or thunderstorm – this is especially important during the last section where you’re mostly holding onto a metal chain. It is not common, however it is possible for a lightning to strike considering the conditions and the altitude.

Towards the top. Some will find it a bit scary to climb the last bit as it gets a bit steep, children will most likely be more brave than their parents, however keep an eye on them and make sure they are constantly in your sight. Once you reach the top get your camera ready and hope it’s not too cloudy! There are several view points with wooden benches around which you might also find some wild turkeys.


One of Australia’s earliest and most famous explorers,Captain James Cook, named this magnificent land mark Mt Warning in respect of the dangerous shoals he encountered off shore.

Mt Warning is, one of Australia’s best climbs and walks. If fine weather prevails, it rewards its lucky climbers with unquestionably Australia’s best views.

In the distance to the north you can make out the skyline of the urban, electric Gold Coast, and to the south, Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay.

To the east is the great South Pacific Ocean and to the west, the green mantle of the rainforest. The viewing platform provides 360 degree views and takes in some truly spectacular land marks.

Top of Mount Warning
Climbing mount warning
Tweed river
Mt Warning